Meet Stella

Due to a lack of emotional parental support as a child, I turned towards my only companion and friend: My family’s strayed dog Betty. Betty was small, quirky, kind and accepting, just what I needed. We understood each other – no words needed.

Thanks to Betty, I immediately sensed the happiness and love that grew from interactions between humans and animals. The sense of belonging that came from being with animals led me to walk most of my French town’s neighborhood dogs, often chained all day long. I recall feeling proud of the trust their owners had in me, despite being half the size of some of the bigger dogs I’d befriend.

Animal Communication

Animal communication is the invisible process of communicating telepathically, to exchange silent mental messages between an animal and a human. It can be done across any distance, any time, live or through a photo as it is a kind of frequency link that the animal vibrates and that we connect to…