Animal communication is the invisible process of communicating telepathically, to exchange silent mental messages between an animal and a human. It can be done across any distance, any time, live or through a photo as it is a kind of frequency link that the animal vibrates and that we connect to. We can receive this information in different ways:

  • emotions
  • feelings
  • visuals that we receive as mental images
  • hearing sound or words
  • knowing

The ability dates back to ancient times. It is the intuitive ancestral wisdom of all being connected to each other. The native American didn’t speak to their children before they were in age to speak, they were only communicating telepathically.

The San people, bushmen have a deep understanding of their environments and animals. When tracking animals, they silence their minds that allows them to receive information about the animals they are hunting because they are in great respect and they honor deeply their prey.

You have to consider that we are all individuals, it is the same for all forms of life, human-beings have different tastes, animals are the same.