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Price for a Session € 50.00 EUR

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Product Description

What do I need from you


1             A good quality photo of your animal where I clearly see his eyes and face, by email. (EMAIL so people click on it)

Animal companions may not talk about your areas of concern unless you specifically ask about those concerns

2             Send yot questions by email . Ask precise questions so you will be more incline to have more specific information about your concern. It is like speaking with people we can speak about holiday, work, or anything else without speaking about a precise subject that you want to speak with your animal friend. Any question can be asked.

3             When I have received the information concerning your animal friend and the photo I send you a PayPal request (CLICK PAYPAL) and we schedule an appointment.

I connect with your animal one to one a few days before our Skype or phone feedback session.

If you want to offer a communication to someone you can purchase a gift voucher, please contact me.

It is a privilege to work with you and your animal. I look forward to meeting you and helping you and your animal friends.


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