14 ANSWERS about WHY you would need an ANIMAL COMMUNICATION for
14 ANSWERS about WHY you would need an ANIMAL COMMUNICATION for

1.     Greater understanding about how your animal feels, what is his perspective of life. Deepening intimacy, hearing his personal point of view, as well expressing your point of view.

2.     Discovering possible reasons linked to behavioral problems. Please be aware that they act naturally in a certain way that cannot sometimes be adapted to our way of living or to our liking.

3.     Understanding and helping with emotional issues.

4.     Checking their physical discomfort, where they feel pain and how we can help them.

5.     Informing them about your absence, holiday and when you return. It can reduce anxiety stress.

6.     Preparing for a change within the family (moving, travelling, expecting a baby).

7.     Introducing new animals in a home.

8.     Afraid your pet is mirroring your own stress or illness.

9.     In case of divorce who does the animal want to stay with. How does it affect him?

10.   Helping rescue animals who need help to find a new home. Explaining them where they are and what adoption means Find out what family they would like. Helping them to process their abandonment issues.

11.   You have rescued an animal, you are concerned about his past and want to help him heal.

12.   Preparing for a medical procedure. Telling them exactly what is going to happen and why.

13.   Supporting and understanding with compassion your animal’s needs through death. When are they ready to pass over? what do they need? Do they want to be assisted by a vet?

14.   Connecting to your animal spirit after death.

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